Austin Davis

Austin Davis


I am Austin Davis and I literally fell into the Fitness/Weight Loss field by accident!
Until June 6th 2002, I was just your average everyday former professional comedian (I have opened for acts as diverse as Jay Leno and Wayne Newton) and former police officer who years earlier had happily combined both backgrounds into a full time self employed comedy crime speaker, police trainer, and security consultant as owner/creator of  and a VERY active skydiver.

On that June day I had a bad (are there good?) skydiving accident that left me pretty beat up and with a health care policy I quickly found out did not cover skydiving (who reads these things anyhow?).  My road to personal fitness and health was slow and challenging and along the way I learned a lot.  I learned that “conventional wisdom” about fitness was tainted by the extremes of either “Body Building” or “endurance athletics”.

Reading well over 100 books the first year after the accident, I soon realized that no one agrees on anything about this topic.  I went to “trainers” only to find out they did not seem to know any more than me about fitness and weight loss. And, like the many books I had read, they also did not even seem to agree on anything. Trainers I spoke with also seemed to have a lack of scientific knowledge or any proven theories to back up their programs.

So, I took my “police trainer” skeptical mindset and my comedian’s optimism and studied hard and passed my (A.C.E.) certification and opened Fit & Funny.  My first few brave clients I took on for free telling them to not promote me in any way other than when asked about their weight loss to hand out my business card and say “call Austin”. Soon, my rapidly weight losing clients helped create a very full training schedule. My client booking schedule full, I decided to limit the time with me by creating a 12-week program.  In 12 weeks I knew I could get their motivation dialed in, an eating style that worked and a work out plan that worked out. Within several months of the 12 week program, a call came from The Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center in Houston to come and train their staff one-on-one. Their employees got great results and soon I was asked to be the Fitness Specialist for the Medical Weight Loss. I held this position that was created specifically for me as an outside consulting position for two years. During that time, I conducted over 200 custom seminars featuring a portion of my unique Fit & Funny methods every month.  Great results soon lead to Dr. Garth Davis (no relation) asking me to be the Fitness Specialist for The Learning Channel’s medical reality show “Big Medicine”.  The series ran for two seasons and is currently in reruns and broadcast around the world on the Discovery Health Channel.  The Fit & Funny Methods are featured in Dr Garth Davis’s amazing book “The Expert’s Guide to Weight Loss Surgery” in the fitness chapter.

Currently I am the only outside Fitness Specialist for Hermann Memorial Hospital, and University General Hospital’s bariatric aftercare programs. I also consult and speak for corporations an average of about 150 times a year. My certifications include Crossfit Level 1 certified and also certified in Kettlebells from Crossfit.

In Law Enforcement there is a saying, “When you get in trouble you call the Police… When Police get in trouble they call SWAT”.  When Doctors, Hospitals, Corporations and Individuals get into weight control trouble they call me— I am “The Weight Whisperer”!

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